X Shore’s view on sustainability.

Electrification of the transport sector, including the maritime industry, is essential in order to reduce global emissions and enable a global carbon net-zero economy by 2050. Leaving fossil fuels behind and going electric is an enabler of carbon net-zero boating, however, we cannot stop there. Every step of the supply chain and boat lifecycle must be free from carbon emissions for the industry to be part of a zero-carbon, climate-resilient future. And equally important, the prosperity of the people and local communities that contribute to our supply chain must be protected to ensure a long-term sustainable electric transition.

X Shore is at the forefront of this transition. We have set our sustainability aspirations high and strive to challenge and inspire the industry to follow. We also look for partners that can help us in developing the solutions required to reach our targets and ultimately enable our vision of zero-emission boating.

Our strategy and targets

In developing our sustainability strategy, we have considered the aspects that matter to our stakeholders as well as to the success of X Shore as a company. In our stakeholder perspective we have included Agenda 2030 by assessing which of the Sustainable Development Goals that we can contribute to and create the greatest positive impact in.

As a result, three strategic pillars form our sustainability strategy and together cover environmental impact, supply chain, people & culture as well as product impact. Each pillar is described in more detail alongside concrete targets in our strategy document below. We are on an ambitious journey and targets such as having our first carbon neutral boat leaving our factory gates in 2030 will be extremely challenging to reach. To get us there, we will work in partnership with our suppliers, peers, academia, and other stakeholders.

Pioneer CO2 net-zero, long-term sustainable boat manufacturing

The first pillar of our strategy is focused on our environmental impact and our supply chain.
We strive to lead the transition of the boating industry to net zero. Increased circularity and traceability will be key to enable the carbon net-zero transition, but also help us make our operations more efficient, ensure the highest social, ethical, and environmental standards through our value chain, as well as reduce risks connected to raw materials. 

Enable traceless & safe ocean voyages

The second pillar is focused on the impact of our product, both environmental and social, when used at sea. 
We aim to have a positive impact on marine life, with our electric motor that eliminates exhaust emissions and fuel leakages. Increased use of sharing models could enable even more sea journeys without any water or air pollution and less noise, which benefits the ocean’s ecosystems. Further, safety is essential for us, and we continuously develop tools to make navigation and management of the boat as simple and safe as possible.

Champion responsibility and diversity

The third pillar focuses on our people and culture, as well as the inclusiveness within our sector as a whole. 
Since the people of X Shore are our most important assets, we want to make sure that they thrive at work. We build our factory and operations to ensure the safety and health of our employees. We see diversity as a force of innovation and competitive advantage. And our adamant conviction on the value of diversity & inclusion doesn't stop with us – over time we also aim to inspire and enable a more diverse user base for X Shore boats. 

More information on our strategic pillars and concrete targets can be found in our sustainability strategy 

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100% Electric Motor

Electric power produces a minimal carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels, which helps combat climate change. Toxic fumes and disruptive noises vanish with electrical power. You are free to focus on more important things such as nature surrounding you as your craft quietly glides through the water. X Shores motor reaches speeds of 30+ knots, and a total distance of up to 100 nautical miles can be covered at lower speeds.

Operating an X Shore craft allows you to explore the oceans, lakes, and nature without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits. Knowing that you are connecting to and blending in with your surroundings while travelling in time, without harming the environment, installs a great sense of liberty and harmony.

Testing bio-based materials


Elimination of hazardous substances

Low Impact Materials

From its 100% electric motor to the focus on low-impact materials and eliminating hazardous substances, the Eelex 8000 embodies the start of a more sustainable maritime tradition.

Testing bio-based materials



Elimination of hazardous substances