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Investor Brief

The problem

The climate is changing and we need to save our oceans from fossil fuels and pollution before it is too late. Therefore it is time to provide a new way of enjoying the maritime boat life without harming nature.

Piloting a boat today is associated with loud noise from the petrol engine affecting the overall experience of hearing the beautiful and peaceful sound of the waves. Since the electric boat segment is quite new, the range of boats focusing on both superior design and providing long battery capacity allowing for navigating long distances on the ocean is limited.

The Solution

Sustainability, design and technology are the three main pillars surrounding our portfolio company X Shore’s vision and work. The X Shore boat is 100% electric and therefore not harming nature with fossil fuels and pollution. Since the engine is battery driven you are able to enjoy the power of silence when crossing the ocean hence enjoying nature at a whole new level. A lot of focus has been put into research and development and therefore the boats are able to offer long battery capacity making it possible to cross long distances without the need to charge the battery frequently.


Each X Shore craft features a modular interior and hull optimized for efficient passage through the water. Outstanding acceleration, coupled with speed and performance over distance is essential for the modern seafarer. The boats are equipped with a battery and gearbox ensuring silence and zero air friction, a top speed of 30+ knots while a consistent speed of 20 knots is recommended.

X Shore offers an open-modular interior rail system allowing to customize and add personal preference to the boat's Scandinavian design, allowing different seats, sunbeds and cargo storage options to be mounted.


When you want to enjoy the maritime life at a whole new level, the X Shore boat gives you the power of silence. By being 100% electric driven you are able to hear the sound of waves and feel nature closer to you. Meanwhile enjoying our oceans you are also making a great sustainable impact by driving a 100% electric leisure boat.

Enjoy the boat with friends and family and depending on the occasion you can module the interior of the boat according to your needs.