New diving module - and updated configurations - will address vital industrial needs.

X Shore, the Swedish technology company behind a game-changing generation of fully-electric, silent, connected boats, announces the launch of its brand new diving module, which is being unveiled at boot Düsseldorf - the first time the X Shore T-Top will be showcased. 
The diving module immediately widens industrial use cases of X Shore vessels and will serve sectors such as professional divers, fish farms, coastguards, tourism, and the wider maritime professions. It can be applied to existing X Shore models such as the X Shore PRO and Eelex 8000.  
The continued electrification of boating (from individual and private pursuits to maritime professions) is crucial to support climate change mitigation and a decarbonised global economy. A swift transition to sustainable boating is necessary for global emission reduction targets to be achievable. 
X Shore CEO René Hansen: “Our electric boats cater to a diverse range of applications and industries, as we continually expand accessibility to our cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to make electric boating a key player in decarbonising transportation, and we believe that every sector bears the responsibility to promptly reduce emissions. Being at the forefront of the worldwide shift to electric boating, we take pride in our role in this global transition, offering a silent and emissions-free boating experience that is one with nature." 
The X Shore PRO T-Top follows the flagship Eelex 8000 (launched 2020), X Shore 1 (launched 2022) and the X Shore Pro Series (launched 2023).  
X Shore has set a course for long-term sustainability that paves the way for a net-zero future through its new technology, innovative research, and smart design, that allow passengers to explore the world’s oceans and lakes without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits.  
The PRO T-Top is built on X Shore's tried and tested 8 metre platform that has been used around the world for several years. Built with X Shore’s latest smart technology, sustainable methods, and clean Scandinavian design, the X Shore PRO T-Top will be developed and manufactured at X Shore Industries 1 in Nyköping, Sweden.The boats are built to order, according to customer requirements. 
Specification for the X Shore PRO can be found here.  
*Please note that range varies depending on conditions at sea, speed and how much load you have onboard. 


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