Electric Garden unites Climateview, Einride, Heart Aerospace and X Shore during Almedalen Week.

Electrification is one of the greatest technological shifts of our time, and the transport and mobility sector is one of the industries that will fundamentally change as a result of it.  
But how do we accelerate the development of the new and electric transport system? And how do we deal with the challenges of electrifying at the rate required to fulfill commitments under the Paris Agreement?  
These are just some of the questions that will be explored when Climateview, Einride, Heart Aerospace and X Shore host the Electric Garden at Blockgränd 6 in Visby during this year's Almedalen Week. The space will unite leading voices behind the shift to electric transportation with panels, chats and more. 
Electric Garden opens on Thursday, June 27th, with panel discussions highlighting how we can increase the speed of the green transition on roads, water and in the air. 


Tuesday, June 27th 

08.30 – 08.45

Welcome the Garden Open 


Freight first: The fast and easy way to reduce emissions in cities 
With new technology and electrification, we are able to build more livable and intelligent cities when it comes to transport. There will be less need for half-empty trucks polluting the air and more space for people. There will also be less congestion and traffic accidents as more transport could be shifted to night-time. One of the consequences of this is that low- or zero-emission zones can spread to more places. The shift has already started with 30 cities in the Netherlands starting to phase in zero-emission zones from 2025, and 320 cities in Europe alone had low-emission zones by 2022. What could speed up the shift even more would be to focus on freight rather than all modes of transport. No matter if you are looking at a zero-emission zones or other measures to reduce pollution in cities, it makes sense to fokus on what incentives that can be put into place to change of freight is carried out in cities. 

Lars Strömgren, MP  
Maria Stockhaus, M  
Tobias Binder, IVL  
Tomas Ohlson, Einride 

Sweden's role in the global green transition 
Sweden has a long history of leading technological innovations and bringing them to markets worldwide. Historically known for its contributions to various industries, Swedish businesses, academia, and the public sector are now actively shaping the green transition, both domestically and internationally. What role does Sweden play in the global green transition? How can Sweden accelerate its efforts to provide clean and green technologies to global markets, along with systematic approaches to hasten the transition? What legacy can Sweden create as one of the pioneering nations spearheading this transition both within its borders and beyond? These are some of the critical issues that will be discussed during our session. Leaders from business, academia, and the public sector will share their perspectives. Join us as we explore Sweden's potential and actual contributions to the green transition globally. Welcome! 

Daniel Dersén, Co-lead, UTTC  
Yvonne Pernodd, VP Europe, Business Sweden  
Henrik Tegnér, EVP & Head of Strategy & Sustainability, AFRY  
Marie Trogstam, Head of Department Sustainability and Infrastructure, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise 

13.30- 14.15 
Charting the Path Forward: Accelerating the Transition from Fossil to Electric. In this session we will Evaluate the Efficacy of Policies and Beyond. 
From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam and Lake Como to the majestic fjords of Norway, and now resonating through the serene archipelagos of Sweden, nations worldwide are enacting bold legislation to phase out polluting transportation. This is not only happening out at the sea, its happening on land and in air too.  Join us for the profound implications of this support, explore the vast opportunities they offer, and collectively forge a path towards a cleaner, more sustainable future not just for Europe but for the entire planet. What potential does the shift from fossil to electric have? Seen from the perspective of the entire transport system, what does this shift entail? This isn't just a discussion, it's a call to action. Be part of the movement that's shaping tomorrow, today. 

Lars Strömgren (MP)  
René Hansen CEO, X Shore  
Karolina Eklöw, Climateview  
Martin Carlsson-Wall, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm 

Anna Magnusson, Innovation Leadership Group 
How can Sweden stay competitive as a global leader in industrialisation of sustainable technologies 
Sweden has a proud industrial heritage and has been at the forefront of industrialisation and technology developments in areas such as aerospace, defence and automotive. Sweden is now spearheading the next industrial revolution of sustainable technology and electrification in particular. But does the Sweden government have a robust plan to make sure these technologies industrialise and remain in Sweden? What can be learnt from those who have already reach industrialisation in Sweden? How do we keep manufacturing and jobs in Sweden and avoid leakage to potentially cheaper countries where labour costs are lower? What roles does industry have to play? How can government support keeping industrial jobs and expertise in Sweden, either thought funding or policymaking? This panel will debate some of the challenges around these topics and more and look for a solution for Sweden to be globally competitive in the area of sustainable industrialisation. 
Rashid Farivar - Committee on Transport and Communications 
Oskar Svärd - Committee on Transport and Communications  
Daniel Vencu Castro Öhlund - Committee on Industry and Trade  
Fredrik Kämpfe - Transportföretagen 
Heart Aerospace Christina Zander, Head of Communications 

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