Embark on silent, sustainable maritime journeys alongside commercial diver Annika Gustavsson. With the X Shore PRO, she explores depths, embraces precision, and leaves a cleaner wake. Join the voyage to a greener horizon.

Empowering Maritime Exploration: Annika Gustavsson’s Dive into the Future with X Shore PRO

Meet Annika Gustavsson, a dedicated commercial diver whose passion for the underwater world transcends both her professional and recreational pursuits. As a part-time diver, she's witnessed the intricacies of maritime environments firsthand.

"Being a commercial diver means embracing responsibility. The X Shore PRO's commitment to sustainability resonates with my values, and its robust performance empowers me to take on any challenge. It's not just a boat; it's a vessel that carries my passion and purpose, leaving a cleaner wake in the process."

In the realm of commercial diving, precision is paramount. The near-silent operation of the X Shore PRO provides Annika and her fellow divers with an unprecedented advantage. The absence of noise disturbance not only enhances their focus but also minimizes disruptions to delicate underwater ecosystems. As Annika maneuvers beneath the waves, she harnesses the power of our electric work boat that respects the environment it navigates.


Maritime commercial diving often involves handling heavy materials and assets. The X Shore PRO's balanced and steady design is tailor-made to meet these challenges head-on. With its capability to handle heavy weights, Annika has a dependable ally that keeps her mission steady and secure, making even the most demanding tasks achievable.

As she continues her voyage as a commercial diver, the X Shore PRO joins her on this thrilling adventure. It's a collaboration that embodies the harmony between innovation and nature, enabling Annika and her team to dive deeper, explore further, and make a positive impact on the world beneath the waves.

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