High performance

Eelex 8000 is built for high performance and offers a truly unique boating experience. Explore the oceans, lakes and nature without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil. Fuel engine emits with the true power of electric silence. And the modular design with 10+ layouts can be adapted to every need - from fishing to socializing.


100 NM

Top Speed

30+ Knots

Electrical Motor



Generous space

8-meter Eelex 8000 offers a lot of space and is perfect for social occasions with friends and family. Great open areas and many seating options make it an ideal craft for everything from hosting dinner to a fun day at sea or sunbathing.

The boat is built around the captain and the helm with the driving experience in focus. And the central console with a large touchscreen offers the perfect combination of driving experience and lifestyle functionality.


With a modular system built on rails you have the ultimate freedom of movement and flexibility to adapt your boat according to your needs and activities of the day.

The minimalist design and flexible configurations offers a blank canvas for you to customize at will.

A system of struts and rails makes it easy to secure different kinds of loads and add or move seats.


Eelex 8000 has a clean minimalistic Scandinavian design identity that naturally blends in and is inspired by nature.

Treasured cork deck

Eelex 8000 has a treasured cork deck and will keep exploring new materials and production methods inhouse and together with existing and new partners.

10+ layouts

Eelex can be configured with more than 10 different layouts for everything from fishing and diving to watersports and socializing.

Loading capacity

Eelex has a remarkable loading capacity that allows you to transport many passengers or haul heavy equipment.


Iconic Scandinavian design

The design with clean, minimalist lines draws inspiration from the South American electric Eel, a creature defined by strength and grace.

Eelex 8000 was modeled after the eel's robust head and its sleek, streamlined body. Creating the safety of a solid bow, and the silence of a dynamic, powerful vessel, run entirely on electric energy.

Low-impact materials

From its 100% electric motor to the focus on low-impact materials and eliminating hazardous substances, the Eelex 8000 embodies the start of a more sustainable maritime tradition.

X Shore uses an in-house hull production method that has been experimented and carefully selected to enable elimination of styrene and produce minimum waste while having a high fiber-to-plastic ratio.

Eelex also uses high durable cork instead of teak on places such as deck and steps. And more low carbon, fossil-free, bio-based materials for hull and distance materials are constantly being tested.


The hull is customizable with a selection of three earth-inspired colors that blend in with nature, Moss, Sandy & Coffee.


Not only to protect you. It has premium speakers from Bowers and Wilkins mounted for a superior music experience. And it also features a watersport hook which is mounted high to get the best angle for playing watersports.


Perfect for social occasions with friends and family, the great open areas and many seating options make it an ideal craft for hosting dinner and a fun day at sea.


Smart boating

Eelex is equipped with first-class technology that will take your boating adventures to the next level.

With the driving experience in focus, the center console has a 24-inch screen that helps with everything onboard the boat.

The highly appreciated interface is intuitive and makes things such as navigating, monitoring, and steering different functions of the boat easy.

And much of the technology is connected to and handled by our app and wrist watch which also acts as remote keys.


From the helm the driver and passengers can manage the X Shore infotainment system, including music, sound and lighting, energy and route planning, weather and notifications center.

Everything is managed from the central, 24 inch touchscreen powered by Garmin with software designed by X Shore.


Both the X Shore app and the watch function as remote keys. If you fall while wearing the watch, a man-overboard safety feature triggers the boat to stop automatically.

Real-time data

X Shore collects data points, supplying you with accurate, real-time performance data that's accessible via the touchscreen and app.

Outstanding speed and resilience

Eelex 8000 is built for high performance with a responsive drivetrain and a hull optimized for low resistance and maximum hull efficiency.

With a 170 kW motor and a 126 kWh battery capacity, it will reach a speed of 30+ knots with a cruising speed of 20 knots.


170 kW


126 kWh

Top Speed

30+ Knots

Cruising Speed

20 Knots

The Reach You Want

With Eelex 8000, you'll enjoy the industry leading range of 100 nautical miles with dual 63 kWh (126kWh) supercharge ready lithium-ion batteries.

Plug in to any power outlet of harbor to charge. Fast DC charging lets you go from 20 to 80 percent in 3 hours. Or, if you have access to a fast charger you'll be able to go from 20 to 80 percent in just one hour.


100 NM (185,2 km)

Supercharge ready


DC Fast Charging


We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but rather to right the ship. To set a course for long-term sustainability that we can all be proud of.

René Hansen, CEO of X Shore

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Experience Eelex 8000

EELEX 8000

“Incredible experience – to ride this boat!”

John Doe, CEO

X Shore 1

“Best boat in my life”

John Doe, traveller blogger

EELEX 8000

“Incredible experience – to ride this boat!”

John Doe, lawer

EELEX 8000

“Incredible experience – to ride this boat!”

John Doe, CEO

X Shore 1

“Best boat in my life”

John Doe, traveller blogger

EELEX 8000

“Incredible experience – to ride this boat!”

John Doe, lawer


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Eelex 8000 Specs


8m / 26.2 ft


2.6 m / 8.5 ft


0.8 m / 2.6 ft


2,600 kg / 5,730 lbs


0-20 knots in 4.2 Seconds

Electrical Motor


Top Speed

30+ Knots

Cruising speed

20 Knots

Battery Capacity

126 kWh


100 NM at lower speeds


1h 10 min fast charging


24 inch touchscreen

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