Air and water pollution is an increasing problem in the world. In addition, cities, ports and lakes are plagued by noise, a special type of pollution. Imagine gliding on the water while producing minimal wake, without any engine noise or exhaust fumes. Here are three electric boats presented at 2020 boot boat show, the leading water sports trade fair and boat show worldwide.

X Shore: 100% Electric Boats Made in Sweden

Swedish technology company, X Shore – the maker of a game-changing generation of high- end, fully electric, silent boats.

All X Shore boats are fully electric and silent to combine minimal disruption of marine life, with optimised user experience. Inspired by the South American eel: a creature defined by its strength and grace, X Shore craft conforms to Scandinavian design ethics in terms of minimalism of design, while incorporating a unique sporting style.

The boats are customisable to ensure a seamless customer experience, and are available to purchase with an endless variety of features. Design elements such as tables, chairs, and sunbeds are modular and can be added, repositioned, or removed thanks to the boat’s railing system. The motor comprises an inverter designed to handle stress; a battery that has outstanding power to weight ratio; and a magnetic gearbox, which ensures silence and zero air friction.

X Shore craft have a top speed of up to 30+ knots and a distance of 100 nautical miles can be completed when travelling at lower speeds. Using supercharge, the boats can be fully-charged in about one hour.